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Our Approach

Our rigorous search methodology starts by gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic goals of each client, the specific roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture of the organization. Focusing on these underlying qualities allows us to take a broader, more creative approach in identifying potential candidates.

Our best team for each client

We are diligent when defining the position specification, to ensure we assemble a team of consultants with the subject-matter, functional and regional expertise to support the engagement. The team draws on its high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to give it a broad reach in identifying potential candidates.

A competency-based approach to candidate evaluation and peer benchmarking

Candidates are evaluated against both the agreed-upon competencies and requirements and their industry peers. We provide detailed information to clients for the selection of an initial slate of candidates. We continue to manage the process during the interview stage, gathering feedback and managing candidate expectations.

In-depth assessment of candidates in search

In-depth evaluation of short-listed candidates (internal candidates as well as external) includes:

Psychometric testing - using online leadership questionnaires and in-depth behavioral interviews by  leadership assessment specialists

Culture fit assessment - measured by conducting a diagnosis of the organization’s culture—either as it is now or as dictated by the organization’s strategic plan—and identifying levels of high, medium or low fit; this information can be helpful in onboarding and ongoing development.

Expert industry perspective - Our assessment expertise is complemented by close collaboration with our industry-specific consultants - market leaders in their domains.

Identifying and cultivating Sales teams and Sales Leadership that can take an enterprise to sustained business success is an ongoing process. It begins with defining and recruiting the right people, and continues with developing a robust talent pipeline for key positions and ongoing assessment of the leadership team in the face of new challenges and opportunities. Ventura Recruiters Inc. works with its clients in all facets of this process.

Search Methodology

The Consultation: Developing the Job Description and Ideal Candidate Profile

• Discovery of client’s needs (Search criteria, Stakeholder requirements)

• Build the ideal candidate profile

• Establish timelines

• Compensation guidelines

The Search Strategy, Screening and Interviewing Potential Candidates•

• Leverage extensive proprietary database, talent network, and public information

• Telephone interviews for those who closely fit the ideal candidate profile

• Conduct face-to-face interviews for those shortlisted

• Conduct “soft references” on short listed candidates

Face-to-Face Interviews with Client

• Objective is to have a 3-5X pipeline of candidates for first round client interviews

• Post interview consultation with the client and candidate on “fit”

• Ongoing support and assistance in coordinating follow up interviews through the entire process

Reference Checks and Compensation Negotiation

• Upon request from client, Ventura has the capability to conduct formal references and backcheck

• Assist in negotiating compensation packages to ensure offer acceptance

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